Project process and schedule

The CLC offers three options for project timelines based on SCAD's academic quarter system:

Fall quarter: September-November
Winter quarter: January-March
Spring quarter: March-June

Multi-quarter timelines may be arranged for projects that require an extended term beyond the conventional 10-week timeline.

The CLC has developed a streamlined process for collaborative projects that significantly enhances student learning and yields results that directly reflect the partner's expectations.

  • Project kickoff: Each project begins with an in-class engagement between students, faculty and external partners to present the creative brief and communicate the goals for the project.
  • Research and exploration: Student teams delve into researching markets, trends and competitors as they explore and develop a wide variety of methods, concepts and strategies.
  • Design critique: A midpoint engagement is held for each team to present concepts and for partners to offer targeted feedback and solidify each team's direction moving forward.
  • Synthesis and prototyping: Teams synthesize their concepts and strategies, further refine their designs and begin production on prototypes or proofs of concept.
  • Final presentation: The creative process culminates with a third in-class engagement, where students present final design solutions, implementation strategies, and proofs of concept to the partners.

Through this process, the CLC effectively offers innovative solutions to the initial design challenge and provides a comprehensive and cohesive strategy for future success.