Case studies

Collaborrative Learning Center

American Legacy Foundation

Powerhouse public health foundation turns to student innovators to refine the next phase of its nationwide tobacco prevention “Truth” campaign.

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CLC Benetton retail experience

Benetton Group

In CLC’s inaugural project, students work with the company to design a flagship store reflective of cutting-edge retail experiences and the company’s core values.

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Industrial design students drive concept development for heavy equipment and help the company grow its market share to 10 percent for skid-steer and tracked loaders.

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CLC Kids new toy design

Kids II

The company’s design team guides students in development of a family of toys to encourage the cognitive, emotional and physical development of babies and toddlers.

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CLC Limited products

The Limited

National style makers team up with jewelry students to create cutting-edge designs for sale in store and online.

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Whole Foods Market

Students work as individuals and teams to design a massive mural to welcome patrons to the company’s new location on Victory Drive in Savannah.

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CLC partnerships

The Collaborative Learning Center is SCAD's unique and innovative endeavor that focuses on creating authentic and collaborative learning opportunities for students, faculty and external partners.

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