About the CLC

SCAD founded the Collaborative Learning Center in 2010 to serve as a dedicated venue for active learning and collaboration. Since then, the CLC has partnered with more than 80 companies including Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, Microsoft, Snap-on and The Limited. 

CLC and its professional partners work side-by-side with a qualified team of students to explore markets, target demographic groups, establish brand guidelines, solve design issues, create an innovative design strategy, and more. This teamwork transforms the partners’ vision into reality.

For each project, the CLC assembles collaborative teams of the most advanced student designers and most accomplished professors to meet the partner’s specific needs and goals. While a lead discipline is often designated for each project, the CLC encourages and facilitates coordination between multiple SCAD departments. Collaborative teams consist of top-level graduate and undergraduate students from around the world, and foster a wide variety of viewpoints, knowledge, abilities and aesthetics contributed by students’ fresh-thinking, next-generation perspectives.

The CLC promotes the exchange of expertise, experience, skills and ideas among external partners, students and faculty, promoting the creation of innovative new products, services and technologies that solve real-world business challenges.